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6 Weeks of UNLIMITED Boot Camp for $49! ALL LOCATIONS!

Best fat-burning, muscle-building outdoor fitness boot camp in Annapolis.  Get lean, strong, and healthy. Free trial and 100% no-hassle money back guarantee. Membership includes UNLIMITED classes, online nutrition tracking, and more! Show up and put it down!  

3 Convenient Locations!

CURRENT CLASS SCHEDULE:  Chesapeake Bay Foundation:  6 Herndon Avenue Annapolis, MD 21403  M,W,F @ 6:45a + Sat @ 7:30a  Edgewater Park:  Behind Edgewater Elementary, Edgewater, MD 21037  M,W,F @ 9:30a  Weems Whelan Park  Lower Field Behind Bates Middle School  294 Smith Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403  M,W,F @ 6:15p  All Classes 1 Hour.

About Our Locations:  Chesapeake Bay Foundation  6 Herndon Avenue Annapolis, MD 21403  This facility provides us with the opportunity to hold classes either indoor or outdoor depending on the weather, as well as a beachfront for beach workouts, trails for trail-running, and a variety of other amenities.  Weems Whelan Park & Edgewater Park  714 Bestgate Road Annapolis, MD 21401 & Behind Edgewater Elementary, Edgewater, MD 21037  This class is NOT a walk in the park! In this outdoor class, We make use of the fields, courts, hills, tracks, and even the playgrounds found at the park.    

Training Methods Employed:    Circuit Training  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  Bodyweight Training  Kettlebell Training  Strength Training  Core Work  Endurance Training  Tabata Method  Sports Specific Training  Flexibility  Beach Football!!!  and more! 

Equipment Used:    Free Weights  Resistance Bands  Jump Ropes  Kettlebells  Medicine Balls  Slosh Pipes  TRX Rip Trainers  Battle Ropes  Sand Bags  The beach!  Your own body weight!  and more! 

Master Trainer Jacob Bedard  Education & Certification:  ACE Certified Personal Trainer  AFSA Certified Personal Trainer  FiTOUR Boot Camp Instructor Certified  Strength Training Instructor  Bachelor of Sciences in Education from University of Maryland College Park.

Instructional Experience:  Strength, resistance, free weight, and cardio training  Abs, core, back training  Youth, sports training  Nutritional training  Kettlebell training  Battleropes training.

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New customers only! Not Valid with any other offers. Limit 1 per person/visit. One additional for gift allowed. Subject to weather/availability. Reservation required.  Classes must be used by the same person.

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